Scientific conference “Emigration heritage in Lithuania”

Scientific conference “Emigration heritage in Lithuania” took place in Emigration Institute of the Vytautas Magnus University on 18 November, 2011. Main identification, accumulation, storage, handling, publicity problems, related with Lithuanian emigration heritage, were discussed. Representatives of archives, museums, libraries, research institutes presented emigration heritage, stored in their institutions, identified problems, proposed solutions in order to collect and deliver to the public emigration documentary heritage.

Head of Rare Book and Manuscript Department Jolita Steponaitienė delivered presentation “Emigration manuscript heritage in the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania”. Emigration manuscript heritage, stored in the Library, traditions of its storage, handling and dissemination were analyzed.  Head of Lituanica Department Jolanta Budriūnienė in her report “Feminine dimension of the Lozoraitis library collection” presented part of the Lozoraitis library collection (set of prints of Vincenta Lozoraitienė, emphasizing rarity and uniqueness of its components as well as their importance in exposing personality of V. Lozoraitienė and her diverse activity).

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Scientific conference: “Archives: Secrets of Museums and Epoch Legends”

Scientific conference: “Archives: Secrets of Museums and Epoch Legends” took place inMaironisLithuanianLiteratureMuseum(Kaunas), on October 19, 2011. Representatives of museums, libraries, research institutes introduced archives of personalities, important for country’s history and culture (XX c.), presented insights of latest researches. Head of Lituanica Department of the National Library Jolanta Budriūnienė delivered report “About people and their books: thumbing through the Lozoraitis library publications”. She analyzed proveniences of printings stored in the collection, significant socially and communicatively, illustrating relations of former collection owners (representatives of the Lozoraitis family of three generations) with surrounding people and ambience, reflecting historical events.

Currently 23 thousand items of books and periodicals are stored in the Lozoraitis collection; while processing them new names of autographs’, dedications’ and ex-libris’ owners are revealed. They supplement unknown and forgotten the Lozoraitis family life and activity facts.

The new virtual exhibition, dedicated to 75th anniversary of Aušra and Jonas Jurašas

Birth anniversaries of artistic director Jonas Jurašas and his wife, writer and playwright Aušra Marija Sluckaitė-Jurašienė are commemorated this [2011] year.

You are welcome to visit the virtual exhibition “Living with theatre…”, prepared by Lituanica Department especially for this occasion. The exhibition presents articles, published by theatre specialists, documentary video and audio material. All this help to reveal various work and creation of the artists, paying special attention to theatrical activities in emigration lasted for almost two decades.

In memoriam Silvija Marija Vėlavičienė (1941-2011)

Prominent worker of the National Library, former Head of Lituanica Department Silvija Marija Vėlavičienė passed away on September 5, 2011.

So little time left till issuing of her book “In Search of Lost Time”… The book, witnessing her very important work in book science, librarianship and culture during four decades devoted to the National Library.

Silvija Marija Vėlavičienė was born in May 19, 1941, Kaunas. She studied Lithuanian language and literature in History-Philology faculty of Vilnius University in 1958–1963. Since 1964 she worked as a bibliographer in the State Republican Library (now Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania), since 1987 she was the Head of Lithuanian Studies Department. Later (2001–2008) Silvija Marija Vėlavičienė headed the Lituanica Department of the National Library.

S. M. Vėlavičienė received the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas (in 1997), the Commemorative Medal of 13 January (in 2002), Martynas Mažvydas award for contribution  to Lithuanian language, writing history and book art (in 2008).

All colleagues of Silvija Marija Vėlavičienė will miss her professional view, sincere advices, optimism, inspirational love for work. We lost a good friend, and family lost beloved mother, wife, grandmother and sister…

Lithuanian DP press collection of 1945–1952 is included into the Lithuanian National Register of UNESCO programme „Memory of the World“

Certificate signifying that Lithuanian DP press collection of 1945–1952 has been inscribed in the Lithuanian National Register of UNESCO programme „Memory of the World“ as an object of documentary heritage of national significance was presented to director general of the National Library Prof. Dr. Renaldas Gudauskas during the ceremony in the office of Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO on June 28.
Prints of this collection stored in archives of Lituanica Department reflect complicated historical period after the World War II revealing situation of Lithuanians – displaced persons (DP) in WWII refugee camps in Germany.

The collection is started to form in 1990, after Lithuania regained its independence. At this time many foreign Lithuanian organizations and individuals sent to the National Library publications and periodicals issued in emigration in 1945–1990 and unobtainable in Lithuaniain Soviet times.

Collection stored in Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania is a part of the Lithuanian National Archival Fund of Published Documents, comprehensively reflecting Lithuanian DP publishing in 1945–1952.