Scientific conference: “Archives: Secrets of Museums and Epoch Legends”

Scientific conference: “Archives: Secrets of Museums and Epoch Legends” took place inMaironisLithuanianLiteratureMuseum(Kaunas), on October 19, 2011. Representatives of museums, libraries, research institutes introduced archives of personalities, important for country’s history and culture (XX c.), presented insights of latest researches. Head of Lituanica Department of the National Library Jolanta Budriūnienė delivered report “About people and their books: thumbing through the Lozoraitis library publications”. She analyzed proveniences of printings stored in the collection, significant socially and communicatively, illustrating relations of former collection owners (representatives of the Lozoraitis family of three generations) with surrounding people and ambience, reflecting historical events.

Currently 23 thousand items of books and periodicals are stored in the Lozoraitis collection; while processing them new names of autographs’, dedications’ and ex-libris’ owners are revealed. They supplement unknown and forgotten the Lozoraitis family life and activity facts.