VASARIO 7 d.: Susitikimas su rabinu Andy Bachmanu ir pokalbis apie istoriją, atmintį ir pilietinę atsakomybę (anglų k.)

On 7 February (Wednesday) at 6 pm, the Vilnius Jewish Public Library of the Lithuanian National Martynas Mažvydas Library invites you to a meeting with the visiting Rabbi from the USA Andy Bachman. He will share his experience working with Jewish memory preservation initiatives in Lithuania and Eastern Europe and speak on the topic „History, Memory and Civic Responsibility: a Jewish Vision for the 21st Century”

The century of Jewish life has brought enormous change, dislocation, destruction and triumph to Jewish life. From mass migration to the Holocaust and from the founding of Israel to rebirth and renewal of Jewish life throughout the world, the contemporary Jew now has more freedom and opportunity than at any other moment in history. An ancient people commanded by tradition to be a “light unto the nations” and “kind to the stranger,” the modern Jew is duty-bound to know their history, exemplify its values, and contribute to the ongoing work of making justice and peace. In this talk, we will explore the challenges and opportunities facing Jews at this juncture in time as we explore the tensions between maintaining Jewishness alongside the shared human project in an interdependent, globalized world.

Rabbi Andy Bachman has served diverse Jews throughout the United States in synagogues, small Jewish communities and on college campuses. He currently resides in Portland, ME and is the father to three daughters, Audrey, Lois and Minna.

The event will be held in English and admission is free.


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